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Interview with My Mom

Transcript of an interview with a Homemaker (Domestic Engineer) for over 42 years having a conversation about Faith, the art of Homemaking, and more!

If you're considering the Homemakers life or are just getting started. Wouldn't you like to hear from a Homemaker who did it successfully through recessions, wars, (both Bushs' and Clinton!?), and inflations with faith?

Why This, Why Now?

There's been a lot of discussion on social media lately about femininity vs. feminism, and a return to traditional homemaking. While this is nice, many are young, women with fairly new families. Others are wanna-be-influencers who have jumped on the bandwagon of glorifying the life of homemakers or masculine/feminine polarity with little real-world experience.

I aspire to be a homemaker because my mother was, not because it is currently trending. Many of the challenges my peers had growing up with a working mom, I did not have. Furthermore, when I went to college and studied sociology, the science is clear: two-parent homes are "Dank," as Gen Z would put it (meaning excellent). Children with stay-at-home moms tend to perform better in school and life in general. These are quietly kept facts nowadays, but when I went to school, this was well published.

I also know full-time Homemaking is not going to be the best choice for every family and that's OK. If you raise your children to love Jesus, they will be just fine, rather you are a single mom or your husband is just not able to solely provide for the family. Unlike the others, I am not here to shame women. That's why at the end of the day, my content is always pointing people to the gospel to Jesus Christ and to obedience to His word and His way. Did I benefit greatly from having a stay-at-home mom? Absolutely! Most men and women today have no idea what it's like to have a mom constantly at home who was always there whenever you needed her. If you want this for your children, or you're just curious, this is for you.

The life of a Homemaker from a woman that did it for over 42 years...

Dezi (me): Hello Mommy

Mom: Hey Daughter

1. When you were younger did you always want to get married and have children? If so, why?

You know Dezi I really didn't think about that when I was younger. I just hoped and prayed that in due season, the Lord would bless me one day to marry and have children. If not, then I know the Lord would have some bigger plans for me.

2. I know you’ve told me before, but describe the conversation you and Dad had around you staying home with the children.

We decided that the best way to bring up your children in a Godly manner was for me to stay at home and always be there for our children. We didn't want to put our children off on our grandparents, or daycare, and have them become latchkey kids (8+ years that come home with a key and the parents are gone).

3. When my brother and I were younger, I remember you being very organized. Can you share how you organized meals, laundry and cleaning? When did you start to expect my brother and I to clean up after ourselves?

[Laughing] Yes I agree I was very organized. Well for the meals I just knew we were going to have a meat which was chicken most of the time and a veggie and starch. For laundry and cleaning I would have a certain day for laundry each week and a certain day for cleaning each week. I used a calendar to keep track. I did always want a neat and a clean home. I expected you and Herman to clean up after yourselves at about 13 years of age.