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Don't Hold Off Any Longer

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Issues of Loneliness

I've Been There...

Your needs matter. As a woman who was single way longer than I planned, I have gone through many months of loneliness. Even as a counselor myself, I struggled with even recognizing that I was suffering from what is known as Chronic Loneliness. 

Chronic Loneliness increases the risks of physical and mental illness. As this is an emerging health issue there is not much help out there specifically for this phenomenon. Based on scientific evidence and research, plus my own experience, I can help you!


“Ms. Cummings is insightful and nonjudgmental. She is easy to talk to and puts me at immediate ease when conversing. Her faith is apparent, which gives me hope that I can work through issues with non bias and with values that align with my own. I am blessed to have Ms. Cummings as part of my circle of support.” 

Voltrina Williams, LCSW

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