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Resources for Men

Growth And Development


What is Self-Love Anyway - Jonathan Aslay

The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer

The Hoffman Process - Tim Lawerence 

Faith Based Coaching and Groups:

The Renaissance Man -

Man Camp - Brian Tome -

General Men's Coaching and Advice:

The Roommates - 

Masculine Revival -

Men's Small Groups

Small Groups for men in Columbus, GA - Click here.

Small Group Man-to-Man - 

Happy Couple

Sexual Health

Support for sexual issues from men who understand and have been there:
 Pastor Gabriel - LGBTQA+ - 
Freedom to March Movement - 

 Scales of Justice

Family Legal Help

Progressive courts are often hostile to men, these resources can help.


Click for more.

Therapy Session

Addiction Help

Abel Ministries - Creative Virtue, LLC has partnered with Abel Ministries to refer men who need freedom from addiction.  

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