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Creatively Restored Membership

What Is This Membership About?

Discipleship is a fundamental principle of Christ. Not every Christian church prioritizes cultivating REAL community. Discipleship doesn't happen through pulpit "lectures" or blabbering on Twitter. That's why Desiree created this Membership-based community with like-minded women who are seeking radical change and healing. Lead by a Christian-based Licensed Therapist and Coach (Desiree) you will gain a clear understanding of the core values that flower your identity in Christ. Desiree attends church regularly and is under submission to Christ and His Church, if you'd like to learn more about Desiree click here.

Who is this for?

This space is open to WOMEN. We are a Christ-oriented space, and maintain the core values of the Living Word, including Truth, Faith, and Biblically-based femininity. We are open to single women, married women, women who work or have a business, college-level students, mothers (single or married), as long as they desire to cultivate a truth-based perspective on femininity, relationships, wellbeing and much more.

How does it work?​

Each Month: 

  • We have a ongoing Telegram Chat for daily chats and occasional Q&As with one another.

  • We Meet on ZOOM, in the following ways:

    • 1st Saturday of each month: Teaching by Desiree

    • *Possible Bonus teaching transmission or live community Zoom calls on 4th Saturday* email notifications will go out!

  • TEACHING calls will be live on Saturday at 11am (times may vary depending on circumstances)

  • There are occasionally exceptions or adjustments to calls, as we take into account holidays and special occasions, as well as days when Desiree is taking a break (due to menstrual phase or sabbaticals).

Creatively Restored is for those who desire...

  1. To  gather with other women who are unlearning the ideologies, beliefs and behaviors that oppose her own HEALING, natural biology, and romantic relationships.

  2. Sort through your psyche around the truths of biology, psychology, THE TRUTH of Jesus Christ and what that means for you as a feminine woman.

  3. Be open to discussing some topics that ‘hurt your feelings’ or ‘trigger’ you in order to uncover what those feelings are really inviting you into.

  4. Break the cycle of meaningless in your personal and professional life. 

  5. Feel supported as you navigate Truth as it pertains to your personal lived experiences (the "nuances")

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