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Sis...Don't Be Delilah

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

A few weeks ago I shared my heart concerning the role that I feel the Church needs to play in Ministry to men and redeeming the time. Redeeming marriage and this millennial generation for the sake of those after us.

I can't talk about the ills of men without also talking about ills of women in this day and age. I felt Lord wanted to me help women understand that we, ladies, made a grave error long before men ever did; and this error is costing us our happiness and our health. This is evident by the number of women on antidepressants and the billions of dollars women spend every year on self-improvement (which includes cosmetic procedures), dating advice, and dating apps. Go ahead and do your due diligence in researching "Women and Antidepressants" as well as "women's spending habits".

For the record, I'm speaking to fellow believers of the church of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Do you remember Delilah?

Honestly, I doubt many Christians spend too much time thinking about Delilah. Nor have I ever heard any preacher speak on Delilah from this angle. If you don't remember the story of Delilah, let me give you a refresher. Delilah was the woman that her local governmental body used to bring down Sampson, the strongest man that ever lived. When men preach about Delilah they warn men about telling their secrets to the wrong woman and how sex causes men choose women over God. All true but, I want to think about this practically for a second. As many of you have figured out, I'm a pragmatist so here we go:

The Bible says in Judges 16:4 that Sampson fell in love with a woman named Delilah and after this the Philistines went to her and said "Entice Sampson to tell you what makes him so strong" and we will give you some money. Think about this for a second ladies. I want you to think about this long and hard, because Delilah had the strongest man that ever lived in love with her...hello!?

Delilah was able to entice Sampson to give up his weakness. She clearly had influence over him and he clearly grew to trust her. So let me ask you this if you had a man in your bed that was loyal to you that was capable of killing 1000 men with a jawbone what would you do? Would you trade in this love of a man for money and power? If you said, "of course not", I'm going to have to call you out on your BS. Because, not only have you probably done this, you applaud other women who do. Allow me to explain.

Women, to this day, confuse their power and therefore lose their power. A woman forfeits her power when she compares her position and power to that of a man. God made male and female, but He made Adam first, and then Eve... and so divinely God set an ordinance in place with that. The ordinance is fascinating and it would impossible to write all about it here. One part of this ordinance includes this: a man may have divine headship, physical stature and strength, but in unique contrast, God gave woman, divine influence, emotional stature and strength. Have you seen the trajectory of animals on the planet? God is never out of ideas, nor creativity. So God saw it fit to make men faster, stronger, with thicker skin and bigger brains but thought to make their counterpart, women, physically slower, weaker, and more frail but a woman's power lay in the unseen.

So, like Delilah, you have let a bunch of cowardice fools convince you that what God has given you is not enough, that there's more to be had. Sound familiar? Yes, the snake in the garden, see a pattern here? Over the course of history, women became envious of men, which to be fair, was justifiably fueled by centuries of some unjust treatment of women. After WWII, women saw an opportunity for a power grab. Not long after, women were being told that their ultimate achievement is to gain the positions that men traditionally hold, as if doing so, changes her celestial position of power and influence. Instead of being his partner, women were taught to compete with a man. In doing so, sadly, women have forfeited their power...just like Delilah.

In the story of Samson, the Philistines (a governmental power) represent an agenda. They represent a way of thinking that seeks to usurp the truth of God (Divine Government). Again I will say, doesn't this sound familiar? The Philistines are more than a government body. Spiritually speaking, a Government represents a planned, organized structure meant to uphold an established standard (not for the sake of the standard but usually one's position of power, except in a true Democracy). So this established organization went to Delilah with the agenda of keeping themselves in power. It wasn't about Delilah and it wasn't about increasing her position. She was bribed by her own dissatisfaction with her lot in life otherwise she would not except the money. Now to be fair, we don't know if she loved Sampson. But we do know quite a bit about the time and culture in which the story took place. Women were not necessarily looking to "fall in love" they were looking for provision and protection. Which is why the writer of the story was sure to say that Samson loved Delilah; as a man falling for one woman was more telling than a woman falling in love with one man, as women fall in love easier anyway (generally). This government offered her 28 pounds of silver (about $7,500). Who knows how much that was worth back in those days.

Oh foolish Delilah! If you knew the end of the story, Samson ends up killing a good percentage of the Philistines single-handedly anyway. Delilah could've been the most powerful women in the land. She had everything and everyone that she already needed. This woman could have influenced one of the most powerful man that ever lived. Sampson had brawn but let's be honest, may not have had much brains or discipline. Delilah could've been the helpmate that he needed. Not only to keep him out of trouble, but help him excel in His God-given purpose. Seriously, this is like Lois Lane turning in Superman so that she can be with Jimmy Olsen and get a few thousand dollars. Stupid, right?

So let's flip the story to today. How many use their sexuality to manipulate men? How many women struggle with careers when all they want is family? How much of these so-called "strides" that women have made in education and careers have been based off this enticement that the key to their happiness and satisfaction is to have MORE? Now, please don't get me wrong, like me, there are plenty of women who have pursued careers because we've had no choice. We haven't found men willing to commit to marriage and we have to take care of ourselves. I'm not talking about those kinds of women.

I'm talking about the kinds of women who have a anti-male mentality and who celebrate when there is a first female referee in the NBA as if that's got ANYTHING to do with you sweetheart. You see that as a "victory"?? Are you serious? Victory about what? According to who??

See you've been trained by the world, instead of by Jesus. You're basing your merit on how much "things" we do that men do, where did Jesus say that at? Which is more ironic and sad; the real anti-females are the feminist out here degrading everything feminine by exalting everything masculine.

So I'm going to give you a little bit of a prophetic declaration here. Because women are going to pursue sports and try to play football and do all of this nonsense and start dressing and acting like men and trying to break every traditional stereotype and this little social experiment is will go on for a while...until finally the bottom brakes and there are so many jacked up men and women in the world that essentially they terminate their own path. What do I mean? I mean Bible, boo, read Proverbs 2:21-22.

21 For only the godly will live in the land, and those with integrity will remain in it. 22 But the wicked will be removed from the land, and the treacherous will be uprooted.

Consider this a warning. Because for far too long my generation has brought, hook, line, and sinker that our achievements as women can only be celebrated in comparison to the achievements of men. That is the real toxic sexism. These crazy Delilah's out here, who because they have not embraced their own divine, God-given position, they are destroying themselves and their communities. So, you might ask, Desiree, what the answer? I'll have to write in a book one day :-) Stay tuned.

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